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Services to help you make wise people decisions 

Providing you with support to manage your HR Issue


From hiring your first employee through to HR strategy and everything in between.  From  drafting your first employee contract and offer letter and rolling out your first set of employee policies, to supporting you through the employee sponsorship process, help you manage employee performance, sickness absence, holidays and HR admin. Minerva HR Consulting  has experience win all areas of HR.


There are a number of services  for you and if you don't see what you need give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Our PAYG services are perfect if you have a one off issues or just need a bit of advice.  Pay by the hour for the service you need with no contract or tie in.

Prices start from £150 per hour.

HR Packages 

Where you can pick and choose the services you need.  Together we can work out the priorities and a strategy to roll out the projects on time and to a fixed budget. 

Prices start from £350.

Retained Services

Our retained service give you peace of mind knowing you have an HR expert on hand when you need them to discuss ideas, projects and help manage any issues you may be facing. 

Prices start from £200 per month (minimum 2 hour per month commitment)

Employee Sponsorship 

Employing a migrant worker can be complicated and very expensive if not done correctly.  If you have a role that needs to be filled on the short occupation list Minerva HR Consulting can help with all of the paperwork to ensure the employee you want can legally enter and work in the uk.  Starting with the employer license application, then the certificate of sponsorship and finally supporting your employee with their visa application. 

Prices start from £850.

Employee Handbook

Don't leave your employees in the dark about how they can book their holiday and what to do if they are ill. If you are a small business of over 5 employees there is a legal requirement to have a written health and safety policy but there is no legal obligation to provide any other information.  However as you grow, an employee handbook can provide a wealth of information for your employees, clearly set out the company values and expected behaviours and means issues are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.  It also will save you time as employees will be answer their own questions rather than asking you. 

Prices start from £50.



Recruitment can be time consuming and admin heavy. Get the best candidate for your role by letting Minerva HR Consulting take this burden off your hands by going the advertising, direct approaches, shortlisting, first stage telephone interviews and sitting in on face to face interviews .

Prices are a flat fee of £1000 per role (plus advertising costs).

HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Using an HRIS is great way to keep track of all of your HR admin, employee files, policies and procedures, employee handbook, and GDRP records as well as managing employee holidays and absences in a safe and secure system.  Minerva HR Consulting works in collaboration Breath HR which is especially designed for SMEs to help keep employee admin tasks simple.

Set up pricing start from £375. Monthly Breathe administration support is free if you are signed up to a retained service or from £150 per hour for ad hoc support.  


Escape the demands of managing your payroll  using software designed for SMEs.

Partnered with Payfit Payroll Management, Minerva HR Consulting  can support with all things payroll from online payslips through to P11d submissions and P60s. HMRC-certified, combining the best-in-class payroll software with expert support. It’s quick to set up, simple to use and wont break the bank. 


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