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Employee Handbook

Notebook with Employee Handbook written on it with the Mineerva HR consulting owl logo on the front

Don't leave your employees in the dark about how they can book their holiday and what to do if they are ill.

If you are a small business of over 5 employees there is a legal requirement to have a written health and safety policy but there is no legal obligation to provide any other information.  However as you grow, an employee handbook can provide a wealth of information for your employees, clearly set out the company values and expected behaviours and means issues are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.  It also will save you time as employees will be answer their own questions rather than asking you.

Policies you should consider having are:

  • Disciplinary ,Capability and Grievance policy

  • Holiday

  • Sickness and Absence

  • Family Friendly policies

  • Working Time Arrangements 

  • Equality & Diversity policy

  • Data Protection / GDPR policy

  • Whistleblowing 

As your company grows you might want to add the policies below or start as you mean to go on have include them all straight away.

  • Employee Development Policy

  • Email , Social Media and Internet Policy 

  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Policy

  • Bribery & Fraud Policy

  • Pay Policy

  • Redundancy Policy

I can help write an individual policy,  or as many policies you want so book in a meeting now and lets have a chat about what you need.  Prices start from £99.

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