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Celebrating Red Nose Day 2023

Updated: Jan 18

Red Nose Day is happening on Friday the 17th of March

Participating in charity events is a great opportunity for you to engage with your employees and have a little bit of fun whilst doing something really great, so what is your business doing to celebrate?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Hold a fundraiser

Where you could match any employee contributions donated. It can be anything from a cupcake sale, an company lunch, where everybody brings in something made from home with a suggested donation to eat or trying ti eat a donught without licking your lips!

2. Duvet day raffle

Ask your employees to enter into a raffle to win a paid day off charging £5 per entry entry (or whatever you feel is appropriate)

3. Company coffee break

You provide the cupcakes for employees to purchase on their break. Consider different times for breaks where a couple of people from each dept attend so you can catch up with / meet other colleagues

4. Charity wig day

This one speaks for itself really.Dig out your silliest wig and pay a donation to wear it to work (you could change wigs for hats if wigs are tricky to source)

5. Office quiz

Everyone loves a quiz, so why not put one together all about your business, break into teams and have some lunchtime fun

6. Office Olympics

If you’re feeling sporty, hold a mini Olympics in the office at £2 per entry.

  1. Throwing beanbags into a hoop

  2. Keepy uppie challenge

  3. Table skittles

  4. Table pong

7. Fancy dress up or dress down day

Again this is fairly self explanitory. If you have a uniform / smart dress code at work why not have a dress down day or if your work wear is more relaxed why not decide on a theme and dress up for the day.

8. Baby photo challenge

Can you guess what your collegues looked like as a baby? Why not get everyone to submit a baby photo and see who can guess who everyone is

9. Social Media campaign

Take selfies of all the fun you are having for social media, compile some pictures and email out to your clients asking for donations

Why is Red Nose Day important?

Red Nose Day is all about making a difference to the lives of other people. The money raised goes towards helping so many life-changing projects here in the UK and across the world including funding community learning centres, support groups, and local clubs where children get to meet and have fun with other young people.

No matter what you do this year, together we’ll help people going through the toughest times of their lives.

Need more ideas or other suggestions on engaging with your employed and why it is so crucial to business success book in a no obligation chat

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