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  • Sally Brandon

What is Quiet Quitting?

Updated: Jan 18

Over the past few weeks lots has been written about the rise of quiet quitting but what is it?

In the wake of the pandemic, many employees have reflected and reevaluated their jobs and what they want from them.

Quiet quitting is not about quietly resigning but is more linked with job satisfaction linked to values. It’s about stepping away from the long hours and always available work culture. Many have found since the pandemic the dream role they have worked towards no longer fulfills how they want to live and work and this is reflected in the Gallup’s global workplace report for 2022 showed that only 9% of workers in the UK were engaged or enthusiastic about their work, ranking 33rd out of 38 European countries.

With this in mind as a business owner how do you manage this?

It may be time to open up an honest conversation with your employee to check in with them both on a personal level and with how they are feeling at work.

It is not a healthy environment to have an employee working with you who does not really want to be there. It's a no win situation and you need to work out the best way forward for everyone.

That might be a new position within the company, flexible working arrangement or starting a discussion about exiting the business

Want to know more book in a call.

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