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Employee Appraisals 

An appraisal is a conversation, usually between your employee and their line manager, to discuss their performance and how things are going.

Performance appraisals are mainly used to provide your employee a sense of how they're performing, set goals and objectives and communicate any changes.

There are different types of appraisals you could use:

1.Self-appraisal: This style of appraisal involves an employee evaluating their own performance. They can be a valuable tool for employees to identify areas where they can and wuld like improve and set self-determined goals for future development.
2.Peer appraisal: This appraisal style involves employees evaluating the performance of their peers. They can provide valuable feedback to employees from a different perspective other than their manager.
3. Manager appraisal: A manager appraisal involves a manager evaluating the performance of their direct reports. These appraisals are typically viewed as the most formal and traditional type of appraisal.
4. 360-degree appraisal: This style of appraisal involves collecting feedback from a variety of different sources, including the employee themselves, their peers, their manager and other members of the organisation. 360 reviews offer a more holistic view of employee performance.

Running appraisals has a number of benefits including: 
  • Improved employee performance

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Improved decision-making

  • Enhanced communication

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